First Clinical Examination

Ever since my first stint with ocular examination of a young boy which went haywire all because my hands were trembling, I was hesitating, it was decided that no matter what comes I have got to try a little harder for better examination. IOP-intranocular pressure is what I had to examine and I felt dejected at not having been able to do with perfection.
So in hostel, I would go around and catch hold of my posting partner cum neighbour cum friend to measure her IOP and do a bit more of other examination such as turning of the lid margin.
Came the next posting, and luckily not all were present so my chances of examining the patient were higher and I managed to pull off the examination without much trouble but of course in the prescience of more skilled batchmates. The woman a 22 year old, similar to our age, had been hit by her brother-in-law by a stone used for grinding spices and had received multiple injuries on her scalp, root of nose had been fractured and there was regurgitation from left lacrimal puncta. But my role, was that of examining her orbital margin, measuring her IOP and last but not the least, her pulse rate. I’m happy at having finally managed to examine a patient without my hands trembling and also noticing that her upper left side incisor had been lost due to the trauma made me all the more joyous. And to treat myself, I along with my other two skilled batchmates went to our college auditorium to watch an open-to-all competition of music and skit, which was indeed very engaging and fresh!


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