Swachh Bharat, Sashakt Bharat!- SBA’s tag line. An initiative by the government to maintain cleanliness and promote the well being of the individuals, this campaign was introduced in 2015 across the entire nation involving all government institutions to keep their surroundings clean.

Schools, colleges, workplaces have been encouraged to keep their environment clean. In many cities, a green coloured garbage collection van goes around playing the campaign song of Swacchh Bharat thereby sounding the public to throw away the wastes in their houses. Dustbins of 2 different colours have been set up in public places, blue for dry waste and green for wet waste. Advertisements on radio, television, magazines and billboards regarding swachh bharat have created awareness amongst the public.

As per the logo, it was Bapu’smwish to see a clean India and this campaign is a way of paying tribute to the father of our nation. Individual toilets at home, public toilets and door- to- door collection services have been set up. Since its been two years into this campaign, the cities have been ranked with Indore being the first to become 100% swachh and Kerala being declared open defecation free.

It is only with every individual’s effort will the country achieve the dream of clean India.


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