A new beginning is indicated, as shifting to this new hostel has turned to be somewhat fruitful. With an outer appearance of light green and perfect view of our college as well as the residences of our beloved professors along with apartments of the type never-seen-before-in-Rewa, thee current hostel has a better location and cleanliness compared to the previous. However there turns out to be a major drawback I.e. those rooms aligned with the college fall under its shadow and therefore set a depressing atmosphere in those rooms due to lack of light. My room, F-6 located on the north west corner offers a beautiful view. Our forensic teacher’s house can be seen and without a second thought I accept that they have a lush green garden which forms the beautiful view.
Coming to the mess, which is a blessing in disguise, all I have to say is that my prayers have been answered. We get AWESOME STOMACH FILLING breakfast! And it has a touch of South Indian because our cook previously worked at ICH plus he belongs to Kerala. And not to forget the shower! Being close to the college, ATM, general stores and the main market, this hostel has made things a little easier. Postings can be attended without a second thought. However the big dark secret is yet to be revealed to my batch mates about how we ended up shifting to this hostel.
The only prayer I now have to make to The Almighty is that I hope I make the most of my time, work hard, study a lot and achieve my dream (though I fluctuate) and not get distracted, stand strong, become confident and develop an all rounder personality!


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